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Toadal Annihilation

Toadal Annihilation

Power Level: 8


Piloting Difficulty: 4.5


Strategy: This deck is focused around landfall triggers and graveyard stuff. It has multiple paths to victory, that the player can choose based on the current situation. The most common endgame is using Ob Nixilis or Dread Presence to drain opponents life with landfall triggers. Another method is to hide behind glacial chasm or Ruination angel and ping everyone with pestilence. There is also the thespian stage/dark depths combo to get a big flying creature. Or you can go into the billions of scuteswarms. 

Ultimately, you will want to start out grinding out value through extra land plays, and get Gitrog's card draw out as soon as possible. From there, you can typically choose how you want to proceed to victory.

This is a value grinding version of Gitrog, designed to be optimized casual, not competitive. 



TLDR Strategy: Land plays go "brr".


Weaknesses: Graveyard hate. There are plenty of cards to deal with enchantments like rest in peace, but it is important to not let it exile all of your paths to victory by letting your graveyard get too full. 

If you have alot in your graveyard, it is good to be ready with some sort of method to mill to your titan shufler. (Underrealm lich with a card draw trigger, or ruination angel with pestilence).

This deck is also weak against blood moon type affects. Though the deck can deal with these, it will be a major speedbump.

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