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Power Level: 9


Piloting Difficulty: 1


Strategy: This deck is focused on getting as many equipments as possible on Rograkh using Ardenn's ability, and killing with commander damage. Some big players in this deck are collossus hammer, and grafted exoskeleton. Play is pretty straightforward, though in some situations, you may have to equip everything on Ardenn if someone did something to Rograkh.



TLDR Strategy: Tiny man equips big stick.


Weaknesses: Multiplayer games. When there are two many players, Rograkh's aggro style begins to struggle. 

Creature control and damage prevention. Lands like maze of ith or glacial chasm will shut down Rograkh. It is good practice to deal with the most problematic decks as soon as possible so that they don't have opportunity to pull out their answers.

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