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Puppet Voltron

Puppet Voltron

Power Level: 6


Piloting Difficulty: 3


Strategy: You want to get Xantcha out as soon as possible, and buff her with enchantements or deal a finishing blow with instants. There are also many spells to gain control of her for a turn, so that you can not only attack with her again (essentially), but also equip equipment on her.

There are many cards to slow down the game (i.e wildfire and armageddon) so that a base 5/5 can stay relevant into the mid to late game.

This deck will often kill one player very quickly, but take a minute to pull off each subsequent kill, struggling the most with the last kill.



TLDR Strategy: It's not me, it's them!


Weaknesses: 1v1 games. This one is kind of obvious.

Sacrifice decks. Be sure to give Xantcha to someone who will respect her and treat her right.

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