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As a creative soul, there are always quite a few projects I have in the works.

As we grow, and have access to more finances and resources, our projects are destined to get progressively more grand and epic.
An order in the present enables something even more awesome to be made in the future! We couldn't do any of this without your support! Thank you!

Check out some of our epic projects in progress here!

**(Be careful if you have epilepsy! There are some flashing lights below!)

The Model One musical deck box is definitely a success! It has unrivaled amounts of epic-ness among its peer group of other boxes.

But we have a vision for a few improvements in the works. We are perhaps most excited about the idea to fashion gears that move with the dice tray to actually bring the deck up to meet you as you open it! It adds an extra element of epicness, as well as convenience!

**Epilepsy Warning**

The Music Box is very cool, to be sure. And while it is functional, we want to make it more user friendly before we release them to the public. As it stands, it is just a tad bit buggy. We want it to function flawlessly and intuitively before we will be willing to give them to our customers.

Another thing we want to work out with the Music Box is making it function with instruments as well, instead of just speaker level audio signals, like music.

While we have plugged it up to our guitar and jammed out with it, it was buggy and not quite simple as far as the connections to make.
The vision is to make it so that there is just a power in and out, and audio in and out plug, to make it more user friendly.

**Epilepsy Warning**

Another vision for the music box is to make it note reactive using Arduino programming.

The plan is to use RGB LED's, and program it so that the color of the LED's changes depending on the note played.
For instance, a G Flat might produce a stark blue, whereas a G sharp may be a nice cyan, and so on and so forth.

This would add an extra element of interaction between the LED's and the instruments user beyond just the intensity and rhythm of the instrument.


The cedar-resin lightning swords are indeed awesome! We're working on a model of them that will be routed out down the middle of the blade. In the rut, we will place LED's, and cover them with semi-transparent resin. Rechargable batteries will be placed inside of the hilt, so that you can turn on the sword, and have a sort of fantasy-blade/lightsaber hybrid.

Absolutely EPIC!!!

We chose our dining room table with the express purpose of eventually engraving it with a design, and routing an edge for some LED's.

The plan for the design is a sort of greco-roman mural style, with two warriors fighting, while the landscape wars in the background. We envision rockslides, lightning strikes, and powerful winds; but of course, who knows how the design will turn out? All we know for sure, is that it will be absolutely epic!

We want to do a green-white color blend on the LED's to kind of go with the vibe.


In addition to the epic windows, we also want the rest of the car to be jaw-droppingly, eye-catchingly epic!

We plan on doing veneer paneling for the whole surface of the exterior, and adding some epic lightning to it!

This may very well wind up being the most epic and ambitious car mod known to mankind!


We are almost done with our first D&D dice tray!

It will have a pop up dice holding tray, with felt lining, as well as having the spot where you will roll the dice being felt lined.

It will even play a custom sound clip upon opening, for extra epicness and intrigue.

Pictured is the top of the box.


Once we acquire a lathe, we would like to make some awesome titanium chopsticks!

One of the cool things about titanium, is that when torched, it produces a film of titanium dioxide. The film of titanium dioxide produces a range of different beautiful colors depending on its thickness. Ranging from yellow, to a cool rainbow, to bronze, to the pictured blue, any of the colors look absolutely amazing!

Pictured is an example of some chopsticks a fellow craftsman has made on a lathe, of course I'd like to take my own spin on it (pun intended). 

Also with the lathe, we would like to fashion some dope titanium chess pieces, also torched to a gorgeous array of colors.

The board, we would like to use a variety of nice woods, with the squares engraved to add some depth.

We will then fill in the engraved squares with beautifully colored resin.

It is going to be such an awesome chess set!

Butterfly Table.jpg

Of course, none of these projects would be possible without your support!

We are so thankful for all of the support from our wonderful customers and patrons.

Please feel free to reach out or comment below if you have any ideas you would like to see become reality, or would like to discuss our projects in progress! We are always up for new ideas and projects!

Thank you for your continued support, and for joining me on this fun adventure!

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