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For the discerning "cool" enthusiast, or eclectic curio connoisseur, we provide a variety of trinkets, kebabs, and whatsits; ranging from gorgeous LED glass lights, eye-catching laser engraved coasters, powerful lightning charcuterie boards, and much more!

Handcrafted using cutting-edge technology (a variety of saws), any one of our pieces is sure to wow your guests, and brighten up the room! 


Glass lights are a harmonic marriage between technology, and art; the result of which is stunning.

A beautiful design (ranging from cool Japanese Kanji, to epic dragons, to a beautiful butterfly) is carved upon a sheet of tempered glass.

Then illuminated by a vibrant LED strip beneath, the design speaks out into the room.


10,000 volts

These cutting boards are made by coursing 10,000 volts of electricity through the wood, resulting in a beautiful lightning burn pattern. Able to harmonize with the ferocious dragon, beautiful butterfly, wise owl, and vibrant tree, no matter what design you choose, you will find the lightning synergizes with the design beautifully.

After burning, we fill in the burns with a food safe colored resin to level out the board, and add that last little bit of magic that makes these boards shine!

The result is shocking.

Sure to wow your guests, and contain your cheese.


We also make a variety of coasters, from lightning coasters, to coasters laser engraved with a wide array of epic designs.

The lightning coasters are scarred with a high voltage device known as a lichtenburg machine.

Truly capturing the essence of lightning, as well as the eyes of your guests.


Resized_20210707_171705_20210707_171827 (1).jpg

Why save your spot in a book with a boring dog-ear, when you can use lightning incarnate to not only save your spot, but also assert your dominance in front of your peers?

That is exactly the question we asked, and so we made this! To be precise, it is a piece of stained cherry veneer that is shocked at a high voltage through a tool known as a lichtenburg device. The bookmark is then coated in a protective polyurethane finish to give it that nice gloss.

The perfect gift for any book lover!


These beautiful crosses are made by applying 10,000 volts to cedar.


We then fill in the burns, as well as the wood's natural defects, with beautifully colored resin.


They are then shaped and sanded to a gorgeous luster.


Our deck boxes are the "shizzle fo' shizzle"! Hands down the coolest deck box that will be at your table. We have our larger fancier version that has all the bells and whistles including 9 D-20's, and we have a smaller version that is designed to be more compact, but still very cool aesthetically!

Get one customized, or just leave me full creative freedom. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

(Unless you tend to be disappointed by totally incredibly awesome things.... In which case, this site probably isn't for you...)

We are particularly excited to be branching out (pun intended (because wood)) into doing some exquisite furniture pieces. So far, we have finished a bookshelf, and we are working on a lichtenburg river table!

Of course, just like anything we do, we can do completely custom! So if you're wanting your stairs done, or maybe your cabinets, or even your floor, feel free to reach out! We love taking on new projects, and the sky is the limit!


This dice tray is perhaps the coolest dice tray on the market. The beautifully shaped cedar swirls hypnotically between red and white, encapsulating a engraved leather pad to catch your dice.

Lightning has been burned across the surface using a 10,000 volt transformer, making the aesthetic truly electrifying.

Guaranteed (almost) to get you a nat 20 (if you roll 10 dice at the same time, I guess).

Quite possibly bestowed upon us mortals by none other than Odin himself (highly unlikely, really), this Lightning sword captures the fury of a storm upon its blade.
Made of cedar and resin, the wood is shaped and sanded before being electrocuted with 10,000 volts, creating a truly epic lightning pattern upon its surface.


As a creative soul, there are always quite a few projects I have in the works.

As we grow, and have access to more finances and resources, our projects are destined to get progressively more grand and epic.
An order in the present enables something even more awesome to be made in the future! We couldn't do any of this without your support! Thank you!

Check out some of our epic projects in progress here! 

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