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For the discerning "cool" enthusiast, or eclectic curio connoisseur, we provide a variety of trinkets, kebabs, and whatsits; ranging from gorgeous LED glass lights, eye-catching laser engraved coasters, powerful lightning charcuterie boards, and much more!

Handcrafted using cutting-edge technology (a variety of saws), any one of our pieces is sure to wow your guests, and brighten up the room! 


Glass lights are a harmonic marriage between technology, and art; the result of which is stunning.
Our wall signs are stunningly gorgeous, and can simultaneously be hilarious if that's what you are looking for.
Lightning swords are a powerful piece of art that will wow your guests, as well as cement your place in the pecking order with your friends.The list of decor items we offer is ever expanding!


We have a wide variety of gorgeous art pieces that will bring new beauty to your kitchen and dining experience.Anything from cutting boards, to viking drinking horns, we have it all!And if there's something you are looking for that you don't see, please feel free to reach out for a custom order!


The premier effect in wearable art, our jewelry captures the most stunning detail, in the most geometrically pleasing forms.

And, as always, we LOVE custom orders, so please feel free to reach out!

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Quite possibly bestowed upon us mortals by none other than Odin himself (highly unlikely, really), this Lightning sword captures the fury of a storm upon its blade.
Made of cedar and resin, the wood is shaped and sanded before being electrocuted with 10,000 volts, creating a truly epic lightning pattern upon its surface.

Whatever your reading and writing needs are, we seek to accommodate! We have lightning bookmarks, pinecone pens, electrocuted leather bound journals, and so much more!


Whether you are looking for a deck box, or an entire table to play on, we are sure to have whatever suits your needs and tastes! If there is something you are wanting, but don't see, feel free to reach out to get a custom order started!

We are particularly excited to be branching out (pun intended (because wood)) into doing some exquisite furniture pieces.

Of course, just like anything we do, we can do completely custom! So if you're wanting your stairs done, or maybe your cabinets, or even your floor, feel free to reach out! We love taking on new projects, and the sky is the limit!

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